Confluence Academies Summer school/Extended Learning 2020

This year has been difficult for our schools, our families, and the entire world due to COVID-19. As you already know, all school districts will remain closed through the end of this school year. It is important during this time to understand the unique circumstances our teachers and staff are facing, and the many potential hardships our families may be experiencing. We would like to continue our students' learning experience and encourage students to receive feedback from their teachers on their work so they can understand their own progress on learning these standards. We certainly understand the importance of grades, especially as they pertain to high school credits and transcripts. The guidelines below outline the approach we will use to provide grades for high school and middle school courses. In all cases, we want to acknowledge the challenging circumstances many of our students are experiencing and use flexibility in our professional judgment with students. 

In addition, we will provide virtual learning for grades pre-K through 12, beginning with a virtual summer school in June and July, and—provided the public health environment and the safety of our students and staff will permit—a blend of traditional and virtual classes in the August session. The summer school 2020 schedule is provided below.