On Air, Podcast Club


In December, the students of South City's Podcast Club had the opportunity to host a talk with BJ the DJ, a well-known iHeart radio personality. BJ has been a staple in St. Louis radio for 37 years, and holds the title of the longest-running, black on-air radio personality in the area.


During the talk, BJ shared his humble beginnings in North St. Louis City, and how despite not having much, he had confidence in himself and the support of people who believed in him. He also shared his experience as a radio host, and the importance of giving back to the community. 


The students were able to ask BJ questions and gain insight into the world of radio and broadcasting. They learned about the hard work and dedication it takes to become a successful radio personality, and how BJ raises money for breast cancer awareness in minority communities through his event the Sista Strut. BJ's talk was an inspiration to the students, and they were grateful for the opportunity to meet and learn from a mentor like him! 


Other Podcast Club guests have included: 


Brent Solomon, from KSDK 

“[Brent Solomon] told us about how to present yourself with confidence at all times and let us know that, ‘You can be and do anything you want to be.’” - Jalen Jenkins, 8th Grade, Confluence Comet News 


Shorty the Prince, from HOT 104.1 

“He started from the south side of St.Louis just like us! He is now an important figure in the community and showed us that even if you don't come from the best upbringing you can still achieve your dreams.” - Jalen Jenkins, 8th Grade, Confluence Comet News 


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