Update: South City Green Initiative

This weekend, 21 trees were planted in the new green way. Check out the pictures below.


Directly behind our South City location is Providence Place, a street with 7 homes that adjoins the back side of our entire building. The entire block along Providence Place had a “double row” of sidewalks that were old and cracked. Plus, an original old 35 foot long driveway that had settled over the years from wear and tear.

Rather than replace the sidewalks that were cracked, and replace or re-patch the driveway, we decided on a green solution. One row of the double sidewalks was removed entirely. Parts of the sidewalk that were in need of replacement were repaired. The old driveway was removed entirely and the curb was replaced.

During spring 2018, 20 trees will be planted where the second sidewalk used to be. This will create a boulevard or canopy of trees for those walking along the sidewalk.

We would like to thank Terry Hammer, owner of shoplicenseplates.com, who provided the funding for this project and will handle the ongoing maintenance and planting that will be needed.